Uniform illumination incl. catchlight


The project

Project partner Sleegers Farm Equipment
Installation December 2019
Used product ALTUMA AzuLux (W2B)

The result

Uniform illumination of your stable is the basis for healthy and stress-free rearing. With our "AzuLux" dual-channel variant, customers have the possibility of actively responding to stress situations in the stable. Blue light calms the animals and leads to a reduced stress level and less loss during fattening.

Blue light also makes the moving in and singling out process significantly simpler. The animals are noticeably more relaxed and the farmer benefits from better vision than with strongly dimmed light sources.

  • Reduced stress level
  • Simplified moving in and singling out
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Reduced operating overheads
  • Significantly reduced quantity of luminaires

Application details

Application Broiler chickens
Stable size 90m x 22m x 6,8m
Product ALTUMA AzuLux (W2B)
Number of luminaires 14 pieces (515 watts*)
Light scene 20lx nominal / *dimming value 80%
Spec. connected load 0.26W/m2

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