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Greater yield via animal-friendly lighting

Light is an essential life factor. Lighting conditions control the biorhythm of humans and animals. This has an immense effect on the well-being of living beings. Unlike commercially available luminaire solutions, pacelum offers lighting installations optimised for the animals.

Optimum lighting conditions in the stable influence the well-being of cattle.

Nature-identical light increases the performance of dairy cows and improves their fertility. Our hall lighting adapts to the lighting requirements of the animals according to their life cycle.

For dairy cattle this leads to increased lactation and optimal support of the energy balance of your animals. The most suitable light is therefore also a decisive factor for the protein content of your milk.

For you as a farmer, this means high yield rates through growth promotion via optimised feed conversion and reduced medication. High-efficiency LED luminaires also save energy overheads and maintenance costs.

Technology and professional planning

Your path to success.

In der Milchviehhaltung möchten wir mit unseren Beleuchtungslösungen auf die Bedürfnisse der Tiere eingehen. Hierzu ist eine Kombination der richtigen Leuchten, der Lichtplanung sowie des Lichtmanagements nötig. In jedem dieser Aspekte liegt Potential zur Verbesserung des Tierwohls sowie des Ertrags.

Die Beleuchtungslösung hat einen großen Einfluss auf das Verhalten der Tiere. Daher sind folgende Aspekte bei der Planung zu beachten:

Morning/twilight simulation through dimming

Avoidance of dark areas, especially in walkways

Specially developed spectrum for biological effectiveness

Light spectra and products


  • Controllability 0-10V & DALI enables integration of intelligent light management systems
  • Night light and twilight sequences are possible
  • Various light distributions available
  • Very efficient LED modules with high energy saving potential
  • Robust design (IP65 / IK10) and long service life (100,000h)



  • LactoLux: Spectrum optimised for the eye sensitivity of the animals and biological effects, especially for milk production 
  • SoLux: The most natural of all spectra – brings daylight into the stable

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"Biologically efficient lighting for the cattle barn"

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