A natural atmosphere with our new daylight spectrum


The project

Project partner van Kann
Installation October 2019
Used product ALTUMA / ZALEDA SoLux

The result

We bring the sun into your stable – thanks to the natural atmosphere via our daylight spectrum we have succeeded in increasing the milk yield of the cows and inter-seasonally maintaining this.

Furthermore, we work with an extra high CRI (colour rendering index) in the area of the milking parlours – this not only provides perfect light for working but also enables ideal quality assessment of your milk products.

  • Reduced stress level
  • Improved feed intake
  • Optimised visual and orientation capacity
  • Higher milk yield
  • Increased protein content
  • Reduced operating overheads
  • Significantly reduced quantity of luminaires

Application details

Application Dairy cows
Number of luminaires 55 pieces (2354 watts)
Light scene 200lx (lying hall)
  300lx (milking parlour)
  100lx (dry cattle)
Spec. connected load 1.53W/m2

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