Stress-free moving in and singling out

With ALTUMA "AzuLux" (W2B) stable lighting and catchlight combined in one luminaire.

The project

Location Portugal
Customer Sergio Oliveira
Installation May 2019
Product used ALTUMA "AzuLux" (W2B)

The result

The new system enables the customer to significantly calm down the herd by activation of blue wavelengths, which thus has a positive effect on the singling in and singling out process. Animals are much more relaxed which leads to an optimised catching process with fewer injuries and losses.

Application details

Application Broiler chickens
Stable size 130m x 12m x 5m
Product ALTUMA MXB W2B 6500 940 ETDD
2-channel luminaire with white and blue channel
Number of luminaires 23 pieces (445 watts)
Light scene 20lx nominal / *dimming value 42% / Spec. connected load: 0.28W/m2

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