Our luminaire for healthier growth and increased animal welfare

ALTUMA GalliSpec®

The project

Project partner N. Lohmann GmbH
Installation June 2019
Product used ALTUMA GalliSpec
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The result

Our GalliSpec spectrum allows the animals to see more. We achieve this via our specifically developed spectrum which is adapted to the eye sensitivity curve of the chicken. This leads to healthier growth, reduced stress levels and ultimately to lower mortality rates in your stable.

Furthermore, our light spectrum enables improved orientation for the animals, which leads to increased feed intake and an optimised distribution of the animals in the stable.

  • Reduced stress level
  • Improved feed intake
  • Optimised visual and orientation capacity
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Healthier growth
  • Strengthened bone structure
  • Improved muscle development
  • Anti-pecking
  • Reduced operating overheads
  • Significantly reduced quantity of luminaires

Application details

Application Broiler chickens
Stable size 90m x 19m x 5m
Product ALTUMA GalliSpec
Number of luminaires: 15 pieces (455 watts*)
Light scene 20lx nominal / *dimming value 66 %
Spec. connected load 0.27W/m2

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