Feel-good light for increased egg production

ALTUMA Rubilux® (W2R)

The project

Project partner N. Lohmann GmbH
Installation September 2019
Used product ALTUMA RubiLux (W2R)
mixed with red light
white light

The result

Calming red wavelengths create a relaxed atmosphere in your stable. This allows your animals to lay more eggs with simultaneously reduced stress levels.

Due to the modular design of our luminaire, we are always able to switch to white light which allows the trouble-free and thorough cleaning of your plant.

  • Increased egg production
  • Reduced stress level
  • Anti-pecking
  • Lower mortality rate
  • Reduced operating overheads
  • Significantly reduced quantity of luminaires

Application details

Application Laying hens
Stable size 52,5m x 30m x 6m
Product ALTUMA RubiLux (W2R)
Number of luminaires 24 pieces (828 watts*)
Light scene 25lx nominal / *dimming value 75 %
Spec. connected load 0,52W/qm2

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