Robust high-output LED luminaire for animal husbandry


  • Rugged luminaire for extreme conditions
  • Extruded PMMA profile + die-cast aluminium alloy
  • 85,000 h service life – 5 year warranty
  • Easy to clean – protected against strong water jets

Optimum application

  • High colour rendering for visual quality control (milking parlour)
  • Flicker-free: reduced stress, promotes herd behaviour
  • High lumen packages/optimised for large ceiling heights
  • Simple mounting and operation

ZALEDA EVOL 2 – Cattle-Light

Optimum light conditions in the stall influence the well-being of cattle. Light identical to natural light increases the performance of dairy cows and improves their fertility. Our hall lighting adapts to the light requirements of the animals according to their life cycle.

For dairy farming, this leads to increased lactation and optimum support for the energy balance of your animals. Thus, the right light is also a decisive factor for the protein level of your milk.


With our full spectrum luminaire we bring the sun into your stable.

The Solux spectrum creates a natural atmosphere which relaxes your animals, and among other factors also promotes a constant milk yield without seasonal fluctuations.

The LED modules used generate a light spectrum that closely approximates the sun. This is achieved by a new type of phosphor technology in combination with a specially selected blue LED chip. Furthermore, a very high colour rendering value (close to 100) is needed to create lighting identical to nature, and all these factors contribute to increasing your milk production.

The quality of your products (milk quality or meat quality) is also sustainably improved by lighting compliant to animal welfare requirements.


X = 1.085 mm
Z = 125 mm
Y = 100 mm


Description TK Length Material Power[W] Flux[lm] color code
ZALEDA EVOL G2 8000-840 ETDD PMMA 10183290 1,08 PMMA - 8.000 840
ZALEDA EVOL G2 B 8000-850 ETDD 5x1.5 10194324 1,08 PMMA - 8.000 850
ZALEDA EVOL G2 B 4000-850 ETDD 10194322 1,08 PMMA - 4.000 850
ZALEDA EVOL G2 B 8000-850 ETDD 10174323 1,08 PMMA - 8.000 850