Optimal barn lighting for cattle & dairy cows

Optimal application

  • Flicker-free: reduces stress, promotes herd behaviour
  • Covers the lighting requirements for all tasks in the barn
  • Perfect homogeneity regardless of ceiling height due to wide range of available optics



  • Robust design for extreme stable conditions (IP69K, IK10)
  • Ammonia resistant - up to 10 years warranty
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Easy to clean - suitable for high-pressure cleaners


The best lighting conditions in the barn influence the well-being of cattle. Nature-identical light increases the performance of dairy cows and improves their fertility. Our barn lighting adapts to the light requirements of the animals depending on their life cycle.

For dairy cattle husbandry, this leads to increased lactation as well as optimal support of the energy balance of your animals. Thus, the right light is also a decisive factor for the protein content of your milk.

This is exactly where our Cattle-Light spectrum comes into play. Specially selected LED chips form the basis for the biological mode of action of our lights.


With our full spectrum luminaire, we bring the sun into your barn. The SoLux spectrum creates a natural atmosphere, which relaxes your animals and promotes a constant milk yield without seasonal fluctuations. The LED modules used produce a light spectrum that is very close to the sun.

This is achieved by a new phosphor technology in combination with a specially selected blue LED chip. Furthermore, a very high colour rendering value (close to 100) is necessary to create a nature-identical illumination, all these factors contribute to increasing your milk production. In addition, the quality of your products (milk or meat quality) is sustainably improved through animal-friendly lighting.

l = 1300 mm
h = 112 mm
w= 112 mm
weight = max. 4,0 kg

l = 1.800 mm
h = 112 mm
w = 112 mm
weight = max. 6,0 kg

FORTE LED Agri - Standard

TK Name Length Power [W] Type
10173047 W 7800-850 1-10V 1.3 m 52 ETD

FORTE LED Agri - long version

TK Name Length Power [W] Type
10186277 W 11000-850 1-10V 1.8 m 46 ETD