Robust LED luminaire for energy-efficient stable lighting


  • Robust design for extreme stable conditions (IP66, IK03)
  • Extruded PMMA profile
  • 50,000 h service life
  • 5-year warranty

Optimum application

  • Energy-efficient alternative to T5/T8 stable luminaires
  • Flicker-free: reduced stress, promotes herd behaviour
  • Optimised for price sensitive applications
  • Simple mounting and operation

BASE PMMA – Pig-Light

Suitable illuminance forms the basis for ethical pig farming. As with humans, this need for light in animals changes according to their age or breeding stage. Our luminaires are specifically adapted to the life cycle of the animals and thus always meet the current lighting requirement.

The improved visual perception of the animals ensures, among other factors, a significantly lower level of stress and aggression. This in turn increases the well-being and performance capability of your pigs. This is exactly where our Pig-Light spectrum comes in; specially selected LED chips form the basis for the biological effectiveness of our luminaires.


X = 1.541 mm
Z = 78 mm
Y = 67 mm
Weight = max. 2,3 kg

X = 1.214 mm
Z = 78 mm
Y = 67 mm
Weight = max. 1,9 kg

BASE PMMA – Pig-Light

TK Length Material Power[W] Flux[lm] color code
10185084 1.2 PMMA 37 4.200 8401
10194568 1.5 PMMA 37 4.200 8401